Gabon 2009

Med Funch i Gabon

My god old colleque and pal from SAS Karsten Funch and me made a trip to my beloved Gabon, he had to see if it was such a thrill to visit as i had tuted.. The following is mostly the video diary made with my new Cam at that time..

In the airport, and later on Lufthansa

After 1 night in an expensive unfriendly hotel in Libreville vi went to the busstation. Destination Minvoul.

Gare de Routire Libreville

We had an evening in Oyem, here we are chit chatting on the hotel balcony with as view of a lake.

Later in the evening we went out for a stroll. Unaware, it was a city full of agitating voters , the presidential election was up soon with the 50 year anniversery of one president Ali Bongo ending, and the possibility at last to get a new one… the city of Oyem was boiling.

The next day we had a bushtaxi for Minvoul. In minvoul we went to look for Baaka people, and was directed out of town. We met two kids who showed us down to a river or lake in the forest. Here there was a miniature canoe, they took me on a ride to the village on an island , while Funch was left behind, mostly because he didnt like the look of the canoes maintenance standard…

Going to the forest was no picnic…

After the forest we had wedding to attend in Minvoul, then we took a plan back from Oyem to Libreville. The airport had a welcome for another presidential candidate… the last film here is the longest, ending in Hotel Atlantique just before Funch went to the airport with me and only he got on the Air France.

The last video here is a very shortcut part of Funchs own videos he recorded alongside me. So its basically the same, very short, and with me as a character …